The Purpose of the National Minutemen Association


      This Association is intended to be

  •      a resource for all minutemen groups and related affiliates
  •      a public relations outlet for the entire minutemen movement
  •      an organizer of a National Convention for all interested parties
  •      a bulletin board for border operation, demonstration, and protest announcements
  •      a symbol of unity for the minutemen movement

         This Association is not intended to be

  •        involved in the operations or finances of member organizations
  •        a minutemen group itself
  •      a coalition of groups but a resource for groups

     It will be primarily volunteer run with no interest in any financial gain. No dues will be asked.  If, at some point, money is

     needed then donations will be solicited and financial statements will be issued. There will be no member fees. For more

     information contact  the

       UPDATE.  We have received favorable responses from some groups but others seem to be apprehensive about this. To further explain our purpose think of

       the  following: The National  Confectioners Association is composed of member companies that are fully independent from one another. Why an NCA then? 

       Not to control other confectioners but to provide a resource for them.   Cadbury, Godiva, Mars and Ghirardelli have not formed a cartel they are just part of

       this Association for the betterment of the industry. The NCA and others like the Association of American Colleges and Universities, as another

       example,  are powerful forces on the national scene that lobby for their members, provide educational  tools, do public relations for the overall profession

       and hold a national convention for members to get together and network.  Another similar association is the National Associaton of Realtors.  If you go to, you can search for real estate on the internet and contact a broker  if you find something of interest. This association is for the benefit of

       members and home buyers.

       Our adversaries are hoping that we remain in smaller units without a national bond. We're hoping to combat this by what we are attempting.